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THE STAY AT WORK PROGRAMME is an early intervention rehabilitation programme designed to help an injured person return to work safely, quickly and sustainably. Our intervention will be based on the following principles:

 Recovery is best achieved at work

The benefits of taking a ‘rehabilitation on the job’ approach by far exceed rehabilitation undertaken outside of the workplace. Even though other rehabilitation such as physical reactivation are important, research consistently shows that recovering at work is the best way to ensure that your rehabilitation is physically, psychologically and socially complete.

 Early action leads to faster recovery

Taking action early allows an injured person to start their recovery plan before the deconditioning process sets in and begins to make the recovery process more difficult.  The stay at work programme ensures that you are engaged with a health professional early on in your recovery process to help you to plan your recovery and your return to work.

Your employer has a key role in your recovery

Your employer and your colleagues play a crucial role in your workplace recovery plan. In the initial stages of your workplace recovery, workplace accommodations; such as alternative duties, task modification or specialised equipment; may help you to reintegrate into the workplace safely and effectively.

The Process

The Stay at Work Programme is designed to be specific to you, your injury and your work. Your health professionals will then consult with both you and your employer to implement a Work Recovery Plan. This plan will include solutions to the barriers preventing a return to work, a graded return to work activities, and may involve alternative or modified work duties. Depending on the complexity of your injury, this plan may also involve a specific exercise rehabilitation programme with a physiotherapist, or other treatment that will help you to recover faster and more sustainably.